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Felony Miami – Beating the System in the Name of Constitutionality

May 18, 2018

This week, Peter Schoenthal of Bruno & Schoenthal, Trial Lawyers, had the opportunity to go on the Felony Miami and speak about criminal law and criminal trials. The Felony Miami is a podcast that seeks to educate, entertain, enlighten and contribute towards the improvement and fairness of the criminal justice and social justice systems in both Florida and the United States.  Felony Miami intends to do this by bringing together leaders, decision makers, the accused, the guilty, the not guilty and other participants in the system and in the arts to examine the current state of being, ways in which the system can be improved and ways in which the arts can contribute to this exploration and improvement.

Peter Schoenthal was joined by two other criminal defense attorneys, Sabrina Puglisi and Alfredo Izaguirre, where they discussed criminal law and criminal trials along with host, Joe Stone. The podcast mainly centered around criminal trials and all that comes with them. They spoke in length about the do’s-and-don’ts while in trial, their favorite parts about trial (other than winning), minimum-mandatory’s, and the reason why trial numbers are down even though they are as important today as they have ever been.

While on the podcast, Peter explained that a criminal defense attorney must not only embrace but also thrive while in trial in order to fully serve one’s client. He sees trials as a dying art because numbers have dropped over the years. However, Peter believes that trials are an art form and he has dedicated his life in order to best serve those who he represents. Joe Stone, the host of the Felony Miami, described Peter as an “old-school attorney with a new aged approach.” This means Peter embraces trials and the benefit they provide while using a modern approach as he prepares his cases from the ground up.

You can check out this podcast above, on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play or on Felony Miami.